Your Health Record

Given below are the salient features and benefits of the Personal Health Record (PHR) system coming up shortly.

  • Individual patients can access their Health Records through a secure subscription-based service at different levels (depending on cloud space allocation and services offered).
  • Care Providers and Hospitals can leverage the portal to create and maintain their patient’s Electronic Health Records, and also advertise their capabilities and expertise on the portal.
  • Corporate sector companies can implement executive health record management systems ensuring personnel wellness and higher people productivity.


  • Secure and life-long storage of valuable patient medical history which would support doctors in more accurate disease detection & care.
  • Provides portability of Personal Health Records across hospitals & locations, making PHR accessible anywhere and at any time.
  • Ensures privacy of medical history and prevents any misuse of patient data.
  • Data mining & analytics of Personal Health Records and treatment history allowing for better & more accurate diagnosis.
  • Personalization facility for customer needs, allowing for customized views for faster access to personal health information and data.