Health-Trail provides information on a wide range of health-related services, which includes:

  • Finding the right kind of (specialised) Health Care such as looking for a Hospital / Clinic / Doctor in your vicinity
  • Using a Symptom Checker to get an indicative diagnosis of what could be your ailment based on symptoms specified
  • In an Emergency situation being able to quickly locate Ambulance Services, Blood Banks, 24-hour pharmacies, in a particular neighbourhood, and Blood Donors of a particular blood group
  • Recommending a path or trail, that could be followed for a healthier  lifestyle, through better food & nutrition, managing children’s health, and essential first aid when necessary

By signing up to register as a user on the site, you can become part of a social community where you can express your views on health issues and share ideas.


We have entered into a partnership with dWise Healthcare IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. owners of Lifetrenz EHR & HIS, the only healthcare IT platform in the Country fully compliant to international and Govt of India EHR standards. We will leverage this Partnership to build an advanced Personal Health Record (PHR) system on our portal.


The next phase of this portal will have the ability to store PHRs for immediate & reliable access to individual health information and medical history, without having to carry loads of medical reports and files. It will also provide advanced analytics on PHR for determining individual health trends & suggested line of treatment.