About Us

About us

Health-Trail provides information on a wide range of health-related services, which includes:

  • Finding the right kind of (specialised) Health Care such as looking for a Hospital / Clinic / Doctor in your vicinity
  • Using a Symptom Checker to get an indicative diagnosis of what could be your ailment based on symptoms specified
  • In an Emergency situation being able to quickly locate Ambulance Services, Blood Banks, 24-hour pharmacies, in a particular neighbourhood, and Blood Donors of a particular blood group
  • Recommending a path or trail, that could be followed for a healthier  lifestyle, through better food & nutrition, managing children’s health, and essential first aid when necessary

By signing up to register as a user on the site, you can become part of a social community where you can express your views on health issues and share ideas.


We have entered into a partnership with dWise Healthcare IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. owners of Lifetrenz EHR & HIS, the only healthcare IT platform in the Country fully compliant to international and Govt of India EHR standards. We will leverage this Partnership to build an advanced Personal Health Record (PHR) system on our portal.

The next phase of this portal will have the ability to store PHRs for immediate & reliable access to individual health information and medical history, without having to carry loads of medical reports and files. It will also provide advanced analytics on PHR for determining individual health trends & suggested line of treatment.

To be the portal of choice for all Health-related information and managing individual health records.

Provide best services possible for quick & easy access to health related information and keeping a trail of individual health reports & treatment from anywhere at anytime.

Our Values:
  • We provide our services with Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism
  • We demonstrate Trust and Faith in internal and external stakeholders
  • We strive for Excellence in whatever we do
  • Delighting customers is a way of life for us
The main services include:
  • Graded information on health services in the user’s neighbourhood
  • Cloud based database of patient medical records
  • Advanced analytics on individual health records for determining health trends & suggested line of treatment
  • Mobile application for seamless access to the Portal & Individual records
The benefits to our customers are manifold:
  • One single portal for all health related information & issues, which reduces search time and provides faster access to Health-service Providers
  • Secure & long life storage of valuable patient medical history, and therefore supports Doctors in more accurate disease detection & care
  • Portability of medical records across healthcare provider locations, making patient medical records accessible anywhere & at any time
  • Privacy of medical history, prevents any misuse of patient data
  • Data mining & analytics of personal health records & treatment history allowing for better & more accurate diagnosis
  • Personalization facility for customer needs: allows for customized views for faster access to personal health information & data
  • Unique Design & Layout: the mix of content available on the site will make it unique together with a memorable viewing experience
  • Easy to Use: designed to be intuitive & very easy to use for Patients & Medical Community without training
  • Community-centric: get first level opinion from Doctors/Experts, connect to other Patients with similar health issues/problems


The team at Health-trail Portal Pvt. Ltd. consists of senior technocrats with diverse industry experience in Healthcare, IT, Education and other sectors. Our leadership team has collective experience of over 100 years in their respective industries and leverage that expertise to provide good quality health information to our customers and users.

The team has worked with Healthcare clients like Medtronic-US & ADAC Labs-US & Singapore Health Services and National Healthcare Group, Singapore. Its experience in the Education & Training space facilitates dissemination of information & knowledge on the portal. The team also includes Enterprise Architects with Product Development expertise and extensive knowledge of cloud and web technologies.

Most significantly, the team includes leading doctors from India and the US, associated with renowned hospitals, on its advisory panel.