Dental Stem Cell Banking in India

Stemade is proud to be India's first private dental stem cell bank. This unique concept of dental stem cell banking is brought by Stemade into the Indian terrain. Path breaking advances in stem cell research has made it possible to extract valuable stem cells; the building blocks of every human body, from primary teeth (milk teeth) of children and wisdom teeth. These stem cells are carefully preserved at a stem cell center in a special cryogenic storage facility, thus making it possible for you to bank the smiles of your children, your family and yourself.

A tiny investment like this can help you and your family in the future by giving you the potential (currently under experimental research) to shield them from critical health concerns that may rise in the future. Such as Diabetes Type 1, Wound Healing, Parkinson's, Spinal Cord Injury, MI, MS, and Osteoarthritis to name a few.

By pioneering this technology, Stemade will help in building an entire generation that will be able to face their future confidently. Dental stem cell banking is the first of Stemade's many ventures that will make their breakthrough in the Indian healthcare hub.