A foreign citizen wishing to apply for a Bulgarian visa shall hold a regular travel document that meets the following requirements: Bulgaria also extends its visa-free policy for a maximum of thirty (30) days to EEA (European Economic Area) countries and to a range of other countries such as United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, Japan, Korea, Romania, and Australia. Bulgaria Immigration by Investment Benefits Reasons for an alternative residency or citizenship include providing a better quality of life for the investor and his/her family, arranging for international tax planning, and establishing a safety net should the living conditions at home become unbearable. ... MFA Central office +359 2 948 2999. Hong Kong Tel: +86 139 2519 1565 Singapore Tel: +65 9620 3159 Vietnam Tel: +84 931334881 Receive your Bulgaria citizenship and Bulgaria passport through an investment in the country. December 12, 2020; Obtaining a Bulgarian ID card is a precondition to be granted tax residence of Bulgaria. Bulgaria immigration office. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria announced that a diplomat from the Russian Embassy in Sofia is persona non grata due to actions incompatible with the diplomatic status and was given 72 hours to leave the country. Zachary Tsvetkov is one of the leading Immigration Lawyers in Bulgaria and has provided professional assistance to thousands of foreigners since 1997.. He can assist you through the process of obtaining a Bulgarian visa, Bulgarian residency permit or Bulgarian citizenship, as well as represent your business and personal interest in Bulgaria. In today’s world, greater mobility brings with it opportunities and challenges. Prior to 2013, the country was not a preferred entry or transit destination for migrants. Overview Bulgaria is strategically located in the South Eastern corner of the European Union, being one of the gates into Europe along the Balkan and the East Mediterranean migration routes. Since June 2013, however, the situation in Bulgaria has dynamically changed with regard to the Citizenship or residency are available to qualified investors who contribute to the economy through an investment in government-approved assets or economic development initiatives. Employers must apply for the permit on behalf of foreign … Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new … Visa issuing. 1 next to the Presidency building 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria 10, Stefan Verkovich Str., fl. Bulgaria immigration by investment programs. "27-mi yuli" 1, 9000 Varna Center) and sign it there (costs about 10 leva) After accomplishing the steps to receive a immigration Visa D, the applicant then must apply for his Residency Permit at the Local Police Office.. b. The European in its core is an Union without borders and with ultimate freedom of movement and settlement. With this you will go to the notary (the nearest one is: ul. 2 Alexander Zhendov Str. Immigration to Bulgaria is also immigration to the EU as a whole. Obtaining a Bulgarian Residency Permit: a. Bulgarian immigration issue a visa-free travel for residents of states under the European Union. Sofia 1113, Bulgaria. 1 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Immigration BG Limited. Tel: +359 87 6 87 4449 Email: office@immigration.bg Offices: 4A, Saborna Str., fl. A foreigner may enter the Republic of Bulgaria if he/ she is a holder of a regular foreign travel document or another equivalent document as well as a visa if required. The Residency Permit will be issued by the Police after 14 calendar days. When you visit the migration office for the first time, then you have to ask them for a declaration.
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