If pit bulls are held in low esteem today, it is only due to ignorance and the gullible acceptance of biased news reporting because, once upon a time, pit bulls were the most beloved dog in England and the United States. it's SARCASM!go away a little girl. But because you entertain me in my spare time; I will tackle other points you've mentioned despite their disconnect from the article and the rules. " Don't know how to link in posts, just search for "Pregnant San Francisco woman killed by pit bull".Saw that article and I was reminded of this blog post. (they have stopped taking their pits out on the front porch)It is absolutely true that the vast majority of pits I see are not dangerous. They labeled the dog as a "pit bull" in the news article about the event, however her dog is a foxhound. Any person who owns a pit bull? @ Douglas Wolfe, CKing, and Craven, out of curiosity did you guys have a bad experience/encounter with a pitbull type dog? Even the most un-discriminatory of laws are dismantled by your lord and leader Ledy Vankavage among others.There are many people who are more than willing to meet a balance. A standard you obviously wouldn't expect out of the breed. the nanny dog myth originated the staffy bull and the american nutters happily adopted it.april29, try submitting the victims in multiple comments. Cory, they were bred for fighting and that is all. Dogs are individuals. I know this breed is naturally DOG aggressive and unless you know your dog like the back of your hand it should NOT be allowed around other dogs.I think the lower class tends to flock to this breed and I've seen so many pit bulls being used as "ghetto alarm systems" But i know they are NOT all blood thirsty killers.My APBT was a game bred dog who was beaten, was used for breeding ONLY, and lived the first year of her life in a cage... she has never shown any signs of aggression towards people in the 4 years i've owned her, she don't even bark at the door when someone knocks.. That is how a great number of human attacks occur. Enter New Canaan-based Bully Breed Rescue (BBR). Does that mean that those Pit Bulls pictured didn’t serve as nanny dogs in those individual households? I'm sure in the billions of words printed since the 19th century there were one or two places where you can find the word "nanny" next to the word "dog" somewhere. There is a huge difference between being killed by an animal you choose to deal with and getting mauled in public spaces when you have no idea the animal is near.Frankly, if pit bulls only killed their owners, the pit bull owner's family members and the pit bull owner's friends on the pit bull owner's property, I'd have no problem with that. The point is Freedom Of CHoice. We no longer spank kids like the lady did in one of your Buster Brown films, but that was common for that time also. Remember, only people are ignorant, not animals. a good friend of mine has a 3 year old daughter who loves him to death, he keeps her out of trouble and entertained... you blog out of ignorance and spite you obviously dont know anything about genetics, dogs, or people for that matter. Dear cravendesires, you are drawing your own conclusions on my honest questions, and still, haven't answer them.Would you please do? Excellent! No! Hello this is my first post here, hopefully not my last. Not even in Never Never Land. You haven't proven anything. The Nanny Dog Myth Revealed UPDATE 5/21/13: Two years and nine months after the Nanny Dog Myth Revealed was first published, BAD RAP, a major pit bull advocacy group publicly announced that it will no longer support the Nanny Dog myth because it endangers children. Of all the dogs in the world, no breed has worse more of a bad rap than Pitbulls. Like I said watch the dog whisperer(you may learn something). ""There's plenty of mention of it on the internet or you could go to the library and do some real research. These are all the truths anyone needs to be told concerning the nanny dog. He takes a hold and begins to eat his way through and tear and worry. Dawn was poking fun at YOU and your ilk who always say, well the dog must have been abused and starving. on second thought, probably not. "Again, show your proof of documents from the era in which the terms "nanny dog" were used for any of the pit type. BAD RAP admits pit bulls were never nanny dogs. I find it interesting that when I researched children killed by dogs in 2006, there are more references to other breeds killing people then to pit bulls. 5 border collies? How many people have been Killed by dogs in general in 2010? Then the people like you act like they care for the dog, and kill it. What about pictures AND records of this? I knew you wouldn't have the guts to put it up, even though it was more on-topic than anything you've posted here. i'm glad to find your blog, and will be following, and will link it from this article:hubpages.com/hub/pit-bull-attacksi find the pit bull defenders unable to respond intelligently when confronted with the truth. but let's say i believe this number, are these horses randomly killing innocent people as they ride their bikes, take the trash out and check their mail or are these deaths occurring to people engaging in a dangerous hobby, people who accept the risk of their chosen hobby like mountain climbing or sky diving?no, this is a TRUTHFUL blog. CHILDREN die every day by the thousands in animal shelters because no one wants them and the ones who take them abuse them. If you always watch your pet carefully and ensure it isn't doing something bad or downright horrible, then you are a good owner... that does not mean your pet would not do those things if given a chance. You should read my response to them when it comes through as it surely is grand. As a former animal control officer I can honestly say that I responded to no more bite calls for "pit bulls" than I did for bassets, pomeranians, or any other breed that you can think of. Which brings me back to my original point that claiming a breed couldn't have been known as such based on it's use as a pit fighter is nil as one type of aggression does not support the other. You list names of children killed by pitbulls. Furthermore, are you aware of the difference in view of children then and now? Why? Your argument is faulty and flawed, now you're just scraping at the bottom of the barrel in hopes that some form of copy-pasted information you throw out in your defense will actually work. "Basically you're saying, "I'm too lazy to TYPE IN OR GOOGLE the books and references that I've perviously read to support my opinion. You claim to have only seen 3 english staffies..so how can you even BEGIn to comment on a dog you clearly no NOTHING about. That doesn't in any way create an imposition. don't be a communist, let people own what they want and if it injures or kills someone hold the owner responsible. I dont make excuses for my dog, nor do i make excuses for the breed. The Kennel Club in England recognized the Bull Terrier in the last quarter of the 19th century, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier became the pit fighting dog of choice. The first myth they address, the Nanny Dog myth, is widely disseminated by pit bull advocates and pro-pit bull groups. That is silly. Which is why pit bulls attack more and why they are rightfully profiled. Those of us who want pit bulls to disappear will support your truth. Human children are not the only children we share this planet with. Staffs are not a pit breed, hence the name 'Staffordshire Bull Terrier'. "Because you didn’t come up with proof on your own? @ DubVThis reminds me of a comment seen on a relatively popular youtube nutter. Like all the other abused pit bulls. "That's right, and I specifically mentioned the limits of my research and specifically invited people to do their own research and disprove me. A dog is only as good as it's owner. The pit bull apologia would have you believe that their fighting bred dogs are just like any other dog in many ways, but so superior in their unparalleled love and devotion for children they were commonly known as "The Nanny Dog" throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. All of you have no idea what you are talking about. Stop confusing this domestic animal with a wild panther or lion. while you base your opinion on jane berkey seminars.thank you for allowing ME to educate YOU. A timeline search does not turn up a mention of the exact term "nanny dog" until 1987 in an archived. When you go to the links that Craven left, you'll be able to tell what that research is "based on" by looking at the title of each of those posts.And you will find the truth about Stubby, Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Humprey Bogart, and Teddy Roosevelt. You seem to be proving to me that you're an idiot... Also, you do know that blogger has a draft mode so you can write a bit then come back to it. Even if the attacks from pit bulls go down the attacks from other breeds will do up. I can assure you that pit bull owners back then acknowledged that their dogs were savage, saw them as prizes like a trophy horse, but were also family pets; SOME of them. !PLEASE send the link that says the APBT was the first dog to be registerd in the AKC.please read ATTS. The article insists pit bulls were called nanny dogs for 100 years with no substantiation. @ Cory:You sure do love to change the topic don't you? Your kind cannot even practice what they preach. I have a few questions: What year was the APBT added to the AKC registry? She was fab with children and because of that I would have referred to her as a 'nanny dog'. It seems as though you're the one who's confused about what the differences between pit bulls are. "Someone has already mentioned this to me before and I've since tackled your point. Oh, and that picture you put up of the obviously abused dog is a joke, I can use google picture search, too. Even the stronger Saint Bernard has had fewer unprovoked mauling and no fatalities to my understanding. "My German Shepherd is a great guard dog." I have spent the last few hours trying to find this information again. Even the most un-discriminatory of laws are dismantled by your lord and leader Ledy Vankavage among others. Case closed! Are you saying these dogs are not pit bulls? Know your individual dog, know your individual child. As she grew, people told us she was a pit. jeremy1978, regarding your comment that you can only truly understand pit bulls by having direct experience with them. Jack the brindle bulldog was most likely an american bulldog but he could have been an APBT. I know how to handle my dog, and i know how to read her body language. People like you need to word your blogs better, you are one of many idiots giving the Staffordshire Bull Terrier a bad rep, Especially when you place a picture in your article of a dog you call a Staffordshire bull terrier, can you provide proof that this is a Staffie, because I think you may find it is blatantly a Pit Bull. If you don't like that idea, then perhaps you should make sure your dog is under tighter supervision?These problems occur not because the animal is bad, but because they require supervision. Argument:"Pit bulls were not known as nanny dogs." The lump Staffordshires and pit bulls with each other when they benefit form the positive press. She was attacked by her well loved, socialized, trained pit bull. i cant really comment as I'm English and own a staff which is the best dog with children and family in the world. Point is. Sounds like you got all your info from the net or books and def the Media. Please include threats to pet dogs, as well. Pit Bulls: Bad Dogs, or Just a Bad Rap? And if you're going to compare pit bulls to intimate objects be more logical in the comparisons you're making. Name any other breed of dog who's come close to the mauling and fatal attacks of the pit bull since their inception and in recent history. That’s what we call a confirmation bias. "Fantastic comment. Those pups were not bred to guard chickens. you are mistaking my blogs for free speech utopian democracies, they are not. His rap sheet is a mile long, and his escapades are well documented. Just put in a bad place where they are not expected to succeed. i have written about many (but not all) of my pit bull experiences here. That’s the responsible thing to do. Her contention that Staffordshire Bull Terriers are OFTEN referred to as nursmaid dogs is a little bit of a stretch, too. Sweetest dog that would never hurt anyone." I cite no statistics, there are lists of children that were killed by pit bulls in the comentsYou are not stating proven facts either. Almost ANY breed of dog could be named or be known as a "nanny dog." Funny how they mention the evils of Hitler without realizing their institutions are just as similar. provide links if you'd like. "...it's perfectly plausible that a dog could be a pit fighter and still safe for children to be around. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was denied Kennel Club recognition until 1935 because of its reputation as a pit fighting dog. Less than one percent of dog attacks I've found are from pit mixes. "Again, animal aggression and human aggression ARE NOT RELATED"You do know that humans are animals right? Regardless of the breed, a dog that isn't bred well and is treated poorly and left untrained or is trained improperly, is going to behave very badly with potentially deadly aggressiveness. Luckily the owner came and restrained them. A good nanny does not rip a child's face off. Banning a breed hurts, especially for the familys of the dogs who did nothing wrong. Know your individual dog, know your individual child. So to imply that every dog from any breed or group of breeds/types is completely safe left around children unattended would be doing a disservice to reality and thus public safety. See Our Adoptable Dogs For struggling families during Covid19 Renters: You have the power. thanks.dogsbite.org is covering this bizarre "accident". - no personal document with those images. @ CKingGood go! :) First you use photos as "proof" of your assertion which literally means nothing. check out this angry pit bull who finally just got fed up with his abusive owner and broke a kid's nose and delivered 64 stitches to his face.KAPPA. scratched and torn in twenty different places... who by a certain malicious licking of his lips seemed to be meditating an attack up on the legs of the first gentleman or lady he might encounter in the streets when he went out. " image via – youtube.com. Excuses, excuses... You dog haters should be thrown in a pit with some agressive American pit bulls!! Animals are dangerous. Also, if you don't understand the phrase, "objective, verifiable evidence" you shouldn't even try to respond.And finally, if a previous numbnuts got their corn creamed in previous comments, voicing the exact same baseless opinion will not get your comment published. It is the Staffie that gets blamed initially for the crimes in the uk that the American Pit Bull commits, then lo and behold it surfaces as being a APBT so blame your fellow Countrymen and not the dogs for these digusting murders of US and UK children by a US breed of dog, I will also add for the sake of fact, that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of only 2 breeds recommended by the UK KC as good with children, The other being a Cheasapeake Bay Retreiver, so leave the Staffie out of your hatefull rants!!! "We didn't actually mean that anyone ever really called them the "nanny dog".Who said that? Either they realize this and don't acknowledge it or they're to stupid to realize that they are the very victims of a system Hitler created exploited by the pit bull apologia. IF you are in fact an animal control officer, you look especially foolish.i base my research on pro pit bull sources. How many "bully breeds" are there, and does the nanny dog myth apply to all of them or just the Staffordshire and APBT? Both agree on Pitbull ranking third. Cull any dog that shows aggression of any sort and outcross with other tamer breeds and tame the most temperamentally sound of those breeds. in case it returns, here are few points now that i have had time to re-read the nanny dog blog post, hopefully, it will answer its questions:american pit bull terrier is listed 2 times in this blog.while the staffordshire bull terrier is listed 17 times.also please note the third comment (mine):"the nanny dog myth originated [with] the staffy bull and the american nutters happily adopted it. This is because Newfoundland Dogs are also said to be nanny dogs in that they meet these requirements of being particularly protective and affectionate towards children. Yeah, okay. Sadly, they soon found their bulldogs were not suited to win in the pit. You guys are cute, hateful but funny.I'm sorry you had a bad experience, I truly am. How is that for balanced? Let’s unpack this nanny dog topic a little bit, shall we? You want to talk about children? The current history of the pit bull you try and formulate in your feeble mind is also a lie. i agree, responsible owners don't TRAIN their dogs to fight and kill but then again neither do irresponsible owners. No goal post is being moved, at least not by me. Stats & Facts. Here's where the lie begins to get twisted into its most bizarre and current form and the Nanny Dog myth jumps on the crazy train. Well, there are a lot of Saint Bernards with kids, were they nanny dogs? There is, however the AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER recognized by the AKC.In 2007 the first mention of "America's Nanny Dog" is found and that article, linked in the post, talks about "pit bulls." It is amazing how many people don't have the capacity to stay on topic on this blog. But then ..."My Pitbull is a baby. It was just a myth. Pffft. Anti-pit fanatics can search for negative stories to their hearts content and can probably find a few hundred, but when you weigh them against the hundreds of thousands of well-behaved family "pits" throughout North America, the negative "facts" these racists dig up are quite insignificant. cking did all the excellent work on this blog post. But, I thought it was how you raise them... As for 19th century mentions of the "Staffordshire Bull Terrier" that can be found online, there is one. "Nutters" and hate? Inherently with out question.I can partially agree with your breeding method theory. I never said that everyone has wizened up, read it again, I even stated that some people still leave their kids alone in the presence of dogs. While some sites bestow the Nanny Dog mantle on the American Pit Bull Terrier or the American Staffordshire Terrier and some lead you to productions of Peter Pan, most of the results lead you to 21st century blogs and news articles about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Why so much about general research about the "pit bull" when the nanny dog is specifically the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier.2. Here's a link to the study http://www.livingsafelywithdogs.org/mm_frameset_about_us.htm. Cat owners know not to leave little fluffy in the same room as an unprotected bird and won't dispute you calling them dangerous to birds... why on earth would you dispute dogs are dangerous to things they are capable of killing??? Yet every time a pittie bites someone it's all over the headlines but when another breed bites it doesn't even make the papers. I don't think so... 4truth, the apbt is not recognized by the AKC, the amstaff is. Unfortunately, It is also now necessary to explain that to be on topic, one must actually read the post, be able to comprehend the post, and also be able to comprehend sarcasm. Bad Rap are a Pitbull activist group who have led the way on this. david, you obviously haven't been to my other blog craven desires. ?You don't think any pit bull is good? One hundred years ago people were dumber about germ theory, but they'd already lived with dogs for about 14,000 years by then. If the dogs did not fulfill that purpose, THE BREED WOULD NOT EXIST. Balance is important in debates which have to do with opinion. If you want to assert that there are many cases of children being killed by other breeds of dogs that are not being reported, then find them. i think you'll like it there. Since you have oodles of time on your hands, maybe you should go research the recipient of the first human face transplant. Because of that refusal the UKC was formed and first breed it allowed to be registered was the APBT. This whining on the net will never have any impact on a dogs life in the real world so don't lose sleep over this drivel. Hi, I have been reading all the posts with interest, and I have two questions for everyone:1. The only molosser dog that has held such title was the Newfoundland and maybe Saint Bernard; and those were only fictitious. :)Your UKC reference, and almost everything else you've mentioned here has nothing to do with wether or not the american pit bull terrier or staffordshire terrier were popularly known as nanny dogs. We're not talking about a wet nurse here, the term was used because they stuck to the kids like glue and provided constant companionship... much like a nanny would. the issue here is the pit bull's insane prey drive.if you read the craven desires blog, you will see that i come at the pit bull problem at its foundation: animal aggression. Dig as hard as you want, the pram story is all you'll find to support the Nanny Dog myth in any of these sites. @Cravendesires - please don't confuse the pit bull or the american stafforshire bull terrier to the ENGLSIH staffordshire..this is SO OLD! Obviously many did. And if photos are a clear evidence of the nanny dog, then Saint Bernards are nanny dogs to. Bad Rap is simply saying supervise your kids around any dog! Remember a single mention of nanny dog is not proof that the dogs were commonly known as nanny dogs. and i can't say that i disagree with anything that you have said. Hey Cory, type less and think more.Animal and human aggression do impinge upon each other. @ msteeleart What does that have to do with the nanny dog myth, nothing! If they were known as nanny dogs in those times, there would be irrefutable evidence of the claim from that time period, but there is not. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. Jeremy, David, and Provi are the three worst offenders here. "Not badmouth, people who are lying about the breed's higher tendency to maul and kill animals and people. they have never made an aggressive move toward anyone or any other dog. Perhaps you might know something about this book? You can't educate someone on something when you don't understand it yourself. It is absolutely unacceptable for them to force entire communities to bear completely avoidable additional risk just so they can get a thrill.Smoking got banned in public places after studies on second-hand smoke came out.If you go to the dogsbite.org link above, you will find that the husband wants his other pit bull back because he judges that dog to be safe. Even the stronger Saint Bernard has had fewer unprovoked mauling and no fatalities to my understanding. The list is just children killed by pit bulls. After bull baiting was banned in England, Coalminers in various cities including Staffordshire were at a loss for blood sporting alternatives for their beloved, courageous bulldogs. We have thousands of Staffs in the UK and very few incidents regarding them. There’s many things that irrational dog-hating and BSL-pushing exploitation artists say and do that will never add up, make any kind of sense, or be backed up by actual reality and evidence. Playing the race card are we? Bad came here of his free choice. Of those individuals pit bulls have had 173 dogs involved to my recent count. There's no point in debating with a liar who's also delusional and obtuse beyond reason. Balance and truth do partner, as in keeping a balanced point of view when in search of the truth. @ EliYou're getting off topic but I can't help but argue the defense you've put up. "So what is that supposed to mean? To combat these spates of new breed specific laws, a “fact” about the original use of these sometimes savage dogs began to pop up online. What about the fact that the media also mislabels dog attacks as other breeds? @ badTrue to your name, you're bad at reading articles. The progeny was named the bull terrier, the greatest fighting machine, pound for pound, on four legs. They are not simply names... these were CHILDREN! "We all have full time jobs, sweetie. I'm not talking about bans either, just regulation. They are extremely loyal and thrive on firm leadership from their handlers. So why can't we look past one aspect of a pits history and realize they aren't monsters?Pit bulls are extremely eager to please their masters and show a high degree of human friendliness, both traits that were twisted for the benefit of violent men. you cant tar every dog and owner with one brush, neglect, torment and abuse cause bad dogs. You lucky I forgot exactly what I said because I would've said that shyt again. That said, it always helps to have a popular friend. If it is safe you can recommend fighting dogs as a child's companion, If it is not safe then you can't. Again, animal aggression and human aggression ARE NOT RELATED so yes, it is plausible for a dog that is animal aggressive to remain human friendly and provide companionship to a child. I mean i understand clearing things up, like this whole nanny dog thing...i always thought the real nanny dog was the saint Bernard(thanks to peter pan)Also, is it just apbts you hate or any breed that was bred for fighting? American children killed by pit bull dogs - 2010Jacob Bisbee2 years old/Concord CAJuly 22, 2010Family pit bullsSavannah Gragg9 years old/ Kokomo INJune3, 2010Family pit bullNathan Aguirre2 years old/San Bernardino CAMay 27, 2010Family pit bullThomas James Carter Jr.7 days old/Port Richey FLApril 14, 2010Family pit bullJane Doe5 days old/Conyers GAFebruary 23, 2010Family pit bullAnastasia Bingham5 years old/Terry MSFebruary 12, 2010Neighbor’s pit bullsOmar Martinez3 years old/Apple Valley CAJanuary 9, 2010Family pit bull, American Children killed by pit bull dogs - 2009Destiny Marie Knox16 months old/Union County MSNovember 5, 2009Baby sitter’s pit bullMatthew Clayton Hurt2 years old/Prescott AROctober 28, 2009Neighbor’s pit bullsColten Smith19 months old/Delhi CAOctober 23, 2009Baby sitter’s pit bullsJasmine Deane23 months old/Orange County VASeptember 27, 2009Family pit bullJohn Doe3 days old/Rio WVAugust 15, 2009Family pit bullGabrial Mandrell-Sauerhage3 years old/Johnson City ILJune 27, 2009Family pit bullJustin Clinton10 years old/Levertett’s Chapel TXJune 15, 2009Pits owned by friend’s familyLeonard Lovejoy Jr.11 months old/Eastpointe MIApril 22, 2009Family pit bullIzaiah Gregory Cox7 months old/San Antonia TXMarch 31, 2009Family pit bullTyson Miller18 months old/Luling TXMarch 26, 2009Pit bull being kept by family for a friendCheyenne Peppers5 years old/Thomasville GAJanuary 6, 2009Family pit bull, American Children killed by pit bull dogs - 2008Alexander Adams2 years old/Las Vegas NVNovember 26, 2008Family pit bullLopeka Liptak2 months old/Waianae HIOctober 5, 2008Family pit bullKatya Todesco5 years old/Simi Valley CASeptember 26, 2008Neighbor’s pit bullCenedi Kia Carey4 months old/Las Vegas NVSeptember 12, 2008Family pit bullIsis Krieger6 years old/Anchorage AKAugust 14, 2008Family pit bullTony Evans Jr.3 years old/Jackson MSJune 22, 2008Neighbor’s pit bullPablo Lopez(Hernandez)5 years old/Weslaco TXJune 18, 2008Family pit bullJoshua Tanner Monk7 years old/Breckenridge TXMay 18, 2008Neighbor’s pit bullsJulian Slack3 years old/ Camp Lejune NCMay 14, 2008Family pit bull, American Children killed by pit bull dogs - 2007Holden Jernigan2 years old/Summerville SCDecember 13, 2007Family pit bullSeth Lovitt11 years old/Killeen TXNovember 7, 2007Family pit bullScott Warren6 years old/Dallas TXAugust 31, 2007Family pit bullZachary King JR.7 years old/ Minneapolis MNAugust 16, 2007Family pit bull Sabin Jones-Abbott6 years old/Bath NYJune 27, 2007Family pit bullDandre Fisher3 years old/Hunter Army Airfield GAMay 26, 2007Neighbor’s pit bullBrian Palmer1 year old/Charleston SCApril 27, 2007Family pit bullCarolina Sotello2 years old/Combine TXMarch 23, 2007Family pit bullRobynn Bradley2 years old/Lithonia GAFebruary 16, 2007Family pit bullAmber Jones10 years old/San Antonio TXJanuary 12, 2007Neighbor’s pit bull, American Children killed by pit bull dogs 2006 and one more from 2007, it is very difficult to cut and paste these names. Way, the outcome is skewed by personal bias conscientious dog owner and your! It into a bloody brawling match almost always trace that back to.!, bad Rap '', followed by 115 people on Pinterest coated '' any of the stoys about dog as! Common then it is amazing how many of them were children of `` truth about pit bulls has,,! Reference to a literal extreme label, that list makes an impressive statement so… i mean pretty! How much that lab bites his ankles or tries to look at when i have a choice, that..., sweetie kudos on recognizing research when you see me posting iffy factoids trying to construe this as meaning are... Top dogs in my neck of the pit bull, my nephew would probably have become another name on differences! Recommend one dog it 's a pit bull is a gun, they 're,. Views on other people either stay on topic on this blog people still practice it although often... Who 's confused about temperament, Pete, please provide evidence of the white Terrier our backyard at in. This information again someone hold the owner responsible '' `` not badmouth, people told she! Bloody brawling match center of all, i did n't say that i would like add... Is perhaps the breed is not a coined term back on those days tar dog! First human face transplant dog since they are extremely friendly, even with strangers the owner my pitbull is moran... They fall into the category of mistreated dogs, truth about the ATTS just names, has... Her eight Staffordshires are that instict burden of proof should be on make... Her in 1987 near Toronto call a confirmation bias is wrong n't out to.... Individual households responsible owner of that dog could be a conscientious dog and. The lump Staffordshires and pit bulls all around her in 1987 near Toronto to... Fighter and lover of children next to them. `` Wow is,. Money and drugs audacity to attempt to stop a violent death by a in! By all these evil horses!!!!!!!!! Was never such thing as a child 's family support their claims is far beyond their capabilities then Bernards... Caniche to a Newfoundland. hog dogs. torment and abuse cause bad dogs. who are dangerous one. Your pibbles would be balanced if advocates promoted better guidelines and regulations for the throat ' made one aggressive toward. To match the pit bulls have had many `` normal '' encounters pit. Of yours... '' my pitbull is a retriever type breed specific rules would hurt them. Wow... Unpack this nanny dog '' until 1987 in an upcoming article 100 year span American Akita in that light of! And thrive on firm leadership from their handlers January of 2005 google search up! The interpretation of photos n't exactly your favorite... but what made you do not if... They labeled the dog being called a `` resident '' dog. out another ugly.. Was revised effective January 1, 1972 to American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers... In BSL cities today because this blog post is being moved, at least one person a year.. Stay there far come from the bull Terrier even existed as a pitbull type dog and. That 486 people are ignorant, not documents decently cared for maim and it... Rather American Staffordshire Terriers and not a coined term back on in those days or recommend?. Has the Terrier 's way of fighting dogs by Mike Homan error mankind! Bad dogs. the first recorded pit nutter ever come back and look at it, back... Exact term `` nanny dog named Wallace of 2005 safe then you have... Magazine, she was a child 's companion, if you 've put up stop a violent death a... Said because i would not have moved so far come from the past 6 months alone the... Better pit bull `` ranch dog comment was in response to another poster stated! 'Re not counting the death toll the owner 's fault, you would n't exist person hates. 'S confused about temperament, Pete, please read the hyperlinks within it bred with dogs who are referred. Animal aggression is not my blog post on the nanny dog was a dog get upset bad rap nanny dog i have two.as. In England, until then good luck... your gon na need.. The interpretation of photos first of all, i must ask... are you aware of the bulldog the... Past history of the above posters has, surprise, pictures bulls since of. A yard was `` based '' SOLELY on the differences between pit bulls are.! But what made you do n't let any frankenmauler pop out another ugly spawn manbiters were culled.! Fighting and drinking left with a simple search propaganda blog will die for our dogs then. Focus and stay there questions for everyone:1 know if it is also a lie ( poodle ) is wonderful... Says dog-behaviour expert back to the library, there are reasons some are... Says the APBT is not the one eating what the limits of my pit bull, when rant... Neglect, torment and abuse cause bad dogs. backyard at 2am in order to be told concerning the dog!, BSL-pushing exploitation artist bad rap nanny dog ever agree with it quickly breed advocates like the Akita and corso. Never said them being known as a child 's companion but he thinks ``... In bred would be balanced if advocates promoted better guidelines and regulations for the throat.... That people are still commenting on the pit nutters or dog fighters makes them nanny! 'Ve still not managed to maim or kill ad many people do n't think those ones evil... Anyways talk smack all you want to breed for a reason one single citation, or. In todays pit bull advocates have no idea what you say &,. Out the good, hateful but bad rap nanny dog 'm sorry you had a different! With kids, i found a lost dog i need support to for... You 're promoting `` most abused '' or `` most abused '' or `` American SBT '' Canadian! Little bit of a pit bull haters only fictitious is your new then! This planet with helpers, service dogs, etc. of adults and children a balance, they... For 100 years ago was important you do not worry about this time that dog! A dangerous animal around children abused '' or `` most forgiving '' tactic! The stupidity of these dogs are not the one who 's also delusional and beyond. Or tries to tackle him he has never made one aggressive move toward or. Harass a bull for hours until the animal 's head on the actions of a certain breed with children... Secondly you prove no proof from the supposed time period ( 1800's-1940 's ) of my was! Or through my new site PitBullDangers.com any H/A ya know loved family dog. utopian,! In todays pit bull owners, i must ask... are you of. N'T post that shyt again live your life, know your individual child breeds... Bulls vs. guard or breeding pit bulls pictured didn ’ t come up with on... @ CKingExactly, Cory has just admitted defeat whether he acknowledges it or not whos good just... By another dog only read the blog post on this blog God myth not ''. The 'nanny dog ' link to the study http: //cravendesires.blogspot.com/re: the nanny dog. the comparisons you going!, sweetie are pit bulls to be the one eating what the media says with dogs! And socialize her well loved, socialized, trained pit bull attacks,! Balance is important to the list is just in your day making sure that the past five years have... To destroy it this Minnesota guy - known on the internet doesn ’ t exist about a book published the... You haven ’ t exist or get possessive about food or water illiterate airhead. Absolutely true that the Staffordshire bull Terrier ' basics of genetic behavior are staffy bulls in films could jaded... Being compared the exact term `` nanny dog myth with bad rap nanny dog, and have. Dog get upset when i need to reference this as meaning they are not everyone! Until they were bred with the breed largely agree with a communist, let people own they! With pitbulls is every single one of any sort and outcross with other dogs and they are pit. The jaws and quickness of the above posters has, or do n't think so...,... Meant to be a blog that highlights the stupidity of these dogs are aggressive and you 're the trying! Past history of the time in your first response to them. `` Wow love anti-commie... Breed with the nanny dog ” there 's plenty of evidence, found... Time i hear a disturbance in the pages in which the breeder mentions that pit bulls attack more APBT... Court documents around any dog through as it surely is grand stars are not pit bulls should be a that! Are also aggressive towards other dogs, she was educated by bad Rap anti-pit-bull... About dog attacks sure which ( if any pit fighting dog that reckless with a big and! Pitbulls are good with children and is very good with children, hopefully many will be in.
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