Based on dual flush technology, the award-winning HydroRight quickly and easily turns standard toilets into two-button fixtures that have been proven to reduce water usage by 30%. A Dual Flush Converter from Being water can turn your obsolete water-guzzling toilet into an efficient dual flush toilet that is comparable to a new low flow dual flush toilet in about 30 minutes. Complete conversion kit. Installation of Dual Flush Converter Kit From Home Depot: Installing toilet total repair kit/ dual flush upgrade purchased in a big box home improvement store. Sloan ECOS® Dual-Flush Conversion Kit: converts existing G2 1.6 gpf/6.0 Lpf water closets to Sloan ECOS dual-flush 1.6 gpf (6.0 Lpf)/1.1 gpf (4.2 Lpf) water closets . When we try to reduce the water in the existing toilet it may not even get the solid waste out of the bowl. The Total Repair Dual Flush Valve quickly and easily converts a standard toilet into a two-button, dual flush toilet. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average household could save approximately 4000 gallons of water a year by changing over to a dual flush toilet. Best Dual Flush Conversion Kit Dual Flush Toilet Conversion Kit starts saving water instantly! A dual flush conversion allows you to conserve water by choosing different flush options for solids and liquids. SelectAFlush can save more water than HET toilets and Low Flow Toilets. $31.49. Our Factory Was Founded In 2008. Item #: SF0100A. Kit is supposed to be a no tool no tank removal. Tools: -wide mouth pliers -small… Free shipping. The HydroRight will also help solve the most common leaking issue in toilets, a non-functioning flapper. Danco Hydroright Dual Flush Converter Plastic. Once you’ve decided which dual-flush conversion kit is right for you, purchase it and then set aside about an hour or more to complete the conversion. I made a trip to the Home Depot to get a total toilet repair kit and saw a HydroRight Dual Flush Conversion Kit. Easy to install and set up in most home bathrooms. DUAL FLUSH VALVE, HANDLE & ADAPTER INSTALLATION GUIDE DUO FLUSH TM Visit for easy-to-follow installation videos and additional troubleshooting tips. dual flush valve eliminates the leaky flapper and troublesome chain. It comes with detailed Any do it yourselfer can have a dual flush toilet at a fraction of the cost using a kit like the one2flush conversion kit. Can Be Expensive. HydroRight Dual-Flush Conversion Kit, NIB, Convert Any Toilet & Save Water! A dual-flush toilet is similar to a regular flush toilet, only this one comes with two buttons/handles to offer a lower and higher level of water consumption. Was: $37.79. Converts old 2 piece toilets into a Dual Flush Toilet. While you can replace your existing toilet with a water saving model, another option is to modify your existing toilet with the HydroRight dual flush converter. The Slaon ECOS EBV-1004-A Dual-Flush Conversion Kit converts existing Sloan G2 1.6 gpf toilet flushometers to dual-flush 1.6 gpf/1.1 gpf flushometers. Step 3A: Identify the type of FLUSH VALVE SEAT you have in your tank. Smarter Flush 2 In. It helps to save water and save money. SUNDELY® Toilet Push Button Adjustable Dual Action Flush Overflow Cistern Tank Syphon Siphon Drop Valve Unit Kit Flushing Mechanism Cable Operated (2 inch Outlet Valve) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 £18.99 £ 18 . Dual-Flush Toilet . Pro: Dual Flush Toilets Clog Less. . This toilet conversion kit features: Easily convert your 1.6gpf toilet to a dual flush, water-efficient toilet; Adjustable flow maximizes your water savings without sacrificing flushing performance - simply turn the dials on top until you get the best flush; Fits right on top of your existing 2" flush valve for quick installation by a DIY'er - no need to take the tank off The second full flush button uses the normal amount of … Saves 7000 Gallons of water per year using your toilet. flush valve toilet. It seems like a great way to reduce water usage - convert your old toilet with a dual-flush conversion kit, and choose between a full and half flush depending on the situation. Most types of dual flush toilet are designed to use gravity to remove waste through a large trapway, rather than old-fashioned pressure siphoning. 7 new & refurbished from $14.99. Sloan Valve EBV-1004-A Dual Flush Conversion Kit, Black/Chrome. The One2flush uses a combination of head pressure in the tank and piston technology to not only use less water, but to give the water you do use more force to complete the job. One button is the quick flush setting that uses significantly lower water volumes for liquids and paper; the setting needed 4 out of 5 times. Dual-flush button is conveniently placed on top of the tank. Meaning, it has a capacity to use 3 liters of water and 6 liters. Conversion is quick and easy, without the need to turn off the water and qualifies as a High Efficiency Toilet. In the kit, you'll receive the dual-flush controller, the quick fill valve, refill tube, a split handle, a gap cam, black rubber ring, and extra zip tie. A complete toilet fill and dual flush conversion kit that retrofits into any 2 in. The One2flush Dual Flush Valve is simple to operate. Watch. Fluidmaster Toilet Flush Valve Conversion Kit (38533) Fluidmaster water-saving flush valve and front/side pushbutton. flush valve toilet into a Dual Flush toilet. Dual flush toilets save even more water by giving you two flushing options, one for liquid and one for solid waste. A dual flush toilet will save thousands of gallons of water for the typical homeowner over the course of a year. In order to do a dual flush conversion on an existing toilet, you will need to turn off the water supply and disconnect the water hose. This doesn't apply our canister style Mansfield brand toilet. Attach one end of the arm to the toilet flush valve on the inside of the toilet tank by using the small pin on the arm's end. Smarter Flush™ is the only dual flush retrofit company to offer a dual flush quick connect and a dual flush complete kit to ensure that you have the right product for the plumbing task at hand. The duoflush® Dual Flush Conversion System is a complete fill and dual flush conversion system that includes the high performance PerforMAX® fill valve. The Fluidmaster 550DFRK-3 Duo Flush System Toilet Converter gives you a tool to help save on water use and water bills. Using a dual flush toilet or dual flush conversion kit like the one2flush conversion kit will save you a ton of water. Toilet comes in several sizes and shapes. $25.00. Complete Dual Flush 2" Conversion Kit with Handle Item #: SF0100A Smarter Flush™ is the only dual flush retrofit company to offer a dual flush quick connect and a dual flush complete kit to ensure that you have the right product for the plumbing task at hand. Retrofit conversion kits, an alternative to full replacement, are usually under $100 and can be installed as a DIY project. If your plastic FLUSH VALVE has a FLAT SEAT as pictured above, proceed directly to Section 3 on the back side There is no dual flush system, you simply hold the button until some or all the water is flushed. The handle will install vertically or horizontally. One of the easiest and most affordable methods of saving significant amounts of water in your home is with a dual flush conversion kit from Being Water. Watch. The Fluidmaster 550DFRK duoflush Complete Dual Flush Conversion System, offers everything you need to maximize your toilets performance. … Duo Flush enables you to use less water by offering two different flush options one for liquids and one for solids. 3 new & refurbished from $19.99. Save water save money. The second Full Flush … This complete fill and dual flush conversion system retrofits into any 2 inch flush valve toilet. Most modern dual flush toilets still work on the exact same principles as the original old style toilets that are probably in your home right now. Works with nearly all major toilet manufacturers. Danco HYR271T HydroRight Drop In Dual Flush … A dual flush conversion kit for toilets -- saving water.The problem with existing toilets and existing drainage systems is that they were designed and tested using lots of water. The HydroRight® Dual Flush Valve quickly and easily converts a standard toilet into a two-button, dual flush toilet.