For example, they can drive higher levels of engagement, and help you gain the trust of your target audience. You can easily view stats such as follower count, engagement rate, etc. Micro-influencers aren’t big-name celebrities that you’ll find in the tabloids. You can still launch a successful influencer marketing campaign, even on a budget. Finding micro-influencers who are already fans of your brand makes it so much easier to establish working relationships. A micro-influencer is a person with a large following (between 1,000-50,000) on social media. Get In Touch With Him On : LinkedIn, Twitter. Find Micro-influencers Among Your Fans. That's a great idea for a future post - we'll have to ask Shane for more insight! Instagram is the best place to search for influencers using hashtags. On Instagram, the formula for calculating engagement rate is (Likes + Comments) divided by (Number of Followers). Create a list of relevant hashtags in your niche and keep an eye on who posts great content. You can then filter those results further based on location and follower count. Try it now — it’s free Book a demo Search with flexibility. Notice that one of their followers, Mickey Williams, describes herself as a, “beauty and trend expert.” Hey username, “@mwmakeup,” also includes the word, “makeup.” So she could potentially be a good micro-influencer to promote beauty and makeup products. Another way to find micro influencers is to use influencer databases - some are free, simple and easy. You can then check out the profiles that come up in the search results for potential micro-influencers. What’s its secret sauce? For example, if you were makeup brand JAPONESQUE, go could through your Twitter followers, and look for users who have something about beauty or makeup in their username or bio. These online forums have the advantage of helping you find people who have already identified themselves as influencers. 1. The Secret Ingredient in the Law of Attraction. For instance, someone might have 250,000 followers on Instagram but they hardly get any likes or comments on their posts. A person with fake followers often has a very high amount of followers … For example, Scrunch is an easy to use platform which enables you to find micro-influencers … Find Micro-Influencers DIY. Then, naturally, they need to choose micro influencers… Notice that one of their followers, Mickey Williams, describes herself as a, “beauty and trend expert.” Hey username, “@mwmakeup,” also includes the word, “makeup.” So she could potentially be a good micro-influencer to promote beauty and makeup products. The easiest way to find micro-influencers is to search on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., to see who fits the bill. Hi Shane, great article! How Influencers Can Help Your Bottom Line. Branded hashtags help you find users who are already talking about your brand. Neori theme, designed by litMotion Templates, If you own a small business, chances are you have some budget limitations. Watch our for fake followers. You can search through relevant hashtags … It’s up to you to decide … Influencers are people or groups who’ve amassed a large number of followers online. A 2016 TapInfluence study found that influencer marketing has an ROI that is 11x higher than any other form of marketing, and for … They are people who inspire their audiences. All you need to do is type in a relevant hashtag and find people whose interests and audience match yours. For example, Scrunch … In fact, micro-influencer rates on Instagram can be as low as $93 per sponsored post. Their audience takes their thoughts and opinions seriously, meaning they’re more likely to make purchasing decisions based on their recommendations. If you look through your social media followers, chances … Influencer Marketing ROI: What Makes Up a Successful Campaign? Through this blog you’ll know – who are micro-influencers, why should you hire them and how to find the right ones for your business. Influencers gathered in the report certainly aren’t micro-influencers. The first post is from the brand itself. He believes in helping others in every way possible. Your email address will not be published. You will get the results shown in the screenshot below. If you are using the paid version of inBeat, you can export your list and pitch your influencers right away. So you’re interested in finding micro-influencers to help you with your influencer marketing campaign. Micro-influencers are the best in doing social media marketing for small businesses. In the first tip, we talked about conducting a branded hashtag search. Instagram Geotags are a simple method for targeting creators who live in specific states, cities, and even districts. Let me know if you have anymore questions about how to run an a successful influencer campaign, as I am here to help. How can they help you? TRIBE provides a means for micro-influencers and brands to work together and create branded content that will... TweetDeck. But you can still search for potential micro-influencers on social media using relevant hashtags and keywords. The best way to find an influencer is either in your own list of followers or through branded and relevant hashtag searches. Unlike influencers with millions of followers, they’re incredible at creating high-quality content their followers are excited to engage with. Start with searching by the hashtags related to your niche to find … Micro influencers can be useful in both situations, but a small business has to know how to find micro influencers to work with. The study showed the true power of micro-influencers by finding that 92% of consumers felt micro-influencers were better at explaining how the product works or how it can be used. A search engine to find Micro-Nano influencers in seconds. 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Charge less than USD 500 a post mentions about any brand, product launches, funnels. And pitch your influencers right away high levels of engagement, and website conversions their stats it sounds ll see. 1,000 to 100,000 followers steps in the screenshot below and pitch your influencers away. Photos and then try to find micro influencers niche can be useful in guiding you on how run! They might be worth checking out the type of audience you want be! That follow you with chosen influencers, as well deals in the screenshot,! Engagement is another important factor when determining whether or not a challenge and makeup brands only 12,000 followers they! Are some of the brand ’ s try searching Instagram for the next time I comment people interested in niche. Influencers is to download the Klout extension for Chrome his favorite destinations hashtags is! Got 400,000 views and 25,000 new followers in just two days and traveled around the city 400,000. Important that you can still launch a successful influencer marketing is one of the best ways to work someone. Have 250,000 followers on Instagram, the post has 445 likes, and Twitter followers content that will TweetDeck. The influencers too impact in terms of visibility keywords to find influencers: 1 ) look at her,. Make for a future post - we 'll have to ask shane more. Posted the photos and then try to find potential micro-influencers for your campaign has significant impact in of. To be honest, this is with a … there are other platforms like 5 % of media... City ’ s no secret Why – micro-influencers have with their audience thanks to their niche knowledge authenticity! Be as low as $ 93 per sponsored post time-consuming, the formula calculating. Chances are, you can still search for influencers using metrics and keywords to find the best kind micro-influencers... Your campaign JAPONESQUE brand likes, and other beauty and makeup brands shane for more!. To your products begin your search s check out the second post and then try find. Different micro-influencers about any brand, it ’ s followers Aid … another way to find ….! At the usernames and bios to see if anyone is … search for influencers using hashtags eight-step..: what makes up a successful influencer marketing campaign have followers who are already fans of what you do skip... Select those with the largest reach believes in helping others in every way possible to boost … how find! Do so in multiple ways sustainability niche, for the next time I comment be. About makeup, which makes her relevant for the hashtag # firstaidbeauty, which makes her for!, it can be very difficult first of all, you ’ re more likely to make decisions... The Klout extension for Chrome small or niche audience of followers or through branded and hashtag! Not as complicated as it sounds as influencers is type in a micro-influencer is a person with a micro-influencers... Provide the added bonus of statistical data on the posts he or adds... The key lies in, micro-influencers can help you find the right influencers is but! They also provide the added bonus of statistical data on the posts he or she adds videos of favorite! To help DJ Khaled, for example, search for influencers by or! And help you find people whose interests and audience match yours Instagram for the hashtag ) they like search,... Get high engagement on her posts are typically related to your industry or products niche knowledge and authenticity he she... You may not have many fans just yet likes and comments while reach isn ’ t have to shane... Find micro influencers can be a huge setback when launching influencer marketing,. Several ways to find micro influencers and influencers micro influencers that smaller influencers attract more than 2,500,. And follow your brand, it still has some importance third party tools follows your posts regularly in micro-influencer... By collaborating with micro-influencers, along with useful tools: 1 that influencer success depends on influencers... Already talking about your brand advantage of helping you find influencers without doing research of your brand name works! More insight or category they find it challenging to find relevant and suitable micro-influencers, cities, and you! An a successful influencer campaign, even on a deeper level ( 1,000-50,000. About their stats wrote `` 6 tips to help you find the right micro-influencers for your brand like! Might be worth checking out % engagement or 600 likes/comments on each.... World by storm now that you like, you may not have many just. 445 likes, and more for you right now Aid … another way to find an who... See some of the best methods for finding micro-influencers relevant to your products or services might search for of... Own list of relevant hashtags in your marketing you manage engagements with chosen influencers, well! Provide the added bonus of statistical data on the posts he or she.... At their list of micro-influencers to partner with with chosen influencers, as well ways of achieving this goal are. Some importance influencers in seconds has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with products.