Presbycusis (Age Related Hearing Loss)


Noticeable loss of hearing of higher-pitched sounds, such as female voices, telephone ringing, or bird calls, sounds that appear less clear and sharp, difficulty understanding conversations, particularly in noisy places or while speaking on the telephone, ringing in one or both ears—tinnitus and background sounds appear overly loud or bothersome Ear fullness with or without vertigo

Tests to diagnose: 
  • Rinne test—to test if hearing loss the hearing loss is nerve related
  • Weber test—to determine if the hearing loss is one-sided
  • Audiometry —to determine level and extent of hearing loss are the tests conducted to detect age related hearing loss.

Wearing ear plugs or special fluid-filled ear muffs (to prevent further damage to hearing), hearing aid(s), assistive devices, such as telephone amplifiers, training in speech reading (to use visual cues to determine what is being said) are used to treat presbycusis.

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