Herpes Zoster


The symptoms include red patches, fluid-filled blisters that break easily, a rash that wraps around from the spine to the torso, a rash on the face and ears, itching, fever, chills, headache and fatigue or muscle weakness.

Tests to diagnose: 

It is usually diagnosed based on the history of pain on one side of your body, along with the telltale rash and blisters.


Medications prescribed for Herpes Zoster may include: antiviral medications, including acyclovir, valcyclovir, and famciclovir (to reduce pain and speed recovery), anti-inflammation drugs (to ease pain and swelling), narcotic medications or analgesics (to reduce pain), anticonvulsants or tricyclic antidepressants (to treat prolonged pain), antihistamines, such as Benadryl (to treat itching),numbing creams, gels, or patches, such as lidocaine (to reduce pain) and zostrix cream, which can help reduce the risk of postherpetic neuralgia (nerve pain experienced after recovery from it)


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