The symptoms include joint pain, inflammation, limited movement in the affected joint, peeling of skin, tophi (The term ‘tophi’ describes the presence of lumps below the skin around the affected joints) and fever.

Tests to diagnose: 

The tests to diagnose include:

  • Joint fluid analysis (arthrocentesis)
  • Medical history and physical exam.
  • Blood test
  • Urine test

Treatment for gout usually involves medications. Colchicine, Corticosteroids, Allopurinol and Febuxostat are given for the treatment of gout.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are a type of painkiller usually recommended as an initial treatment for gout. NSAIDs often used to treat gout include:

  • Naproxen
  • Diclofenac
  • Etoricoxib

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