Digital Smile Design: All You Need to Know

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A great smile is something that most of the users want. It brings extra charm to our personality and helps us win over people easily. In fact, those who always smile are seen as amicable and hence, their social prospects are always better.

However, not all of us are blessed with a perfect smile and it has a lot to do with our teeth. Having fully functional teeth can never guarantee a great smile as there be some dental issues preventing your smile to be perfect.

There is however Digital Smile Design (DSD) which is a new-age dental technology aimed to improve the smile by fixing dental issues. You can benefit from it and easily get a naturally beautiful smile in a painless manner. In fact, a lot of people have already benefitted from it with great results.

So, if you’re not happy with any aspect of your smile, there is always an opportunity to get it corrected to add confidence to your personality and enhance physical features as well. You can thus benefit from digital smile design and take control of the world.

What Is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

  • It’s a revolutionary dental technique to design smiles or improve smiles
  • DSD is about fixing dental issues so that the beauty and aesthetic of smile can be enhanced
  • It’s a unique dental treatment planning tool that improves communication between the dentist and their patients
  • DSD is a tool that enhances the diagnostic vision of the dentist and also boosts predictability
  • DSD involves the use of videos, images and mock-ups to deliver to dentists a better understanding of the lips, gums and teeth to create a patient’s smile
  • The use of digital smile design is also done to keep a close eye on the emotional needs of the patient and their reaction in certain situations
  • DSD is also about improving visual planning and smile design and having better patient participation in the smile design process
  • It’s a simple concept that does not require any tool or huge investment yet ensures great results with smile design

How Does Digital Smile Design Work?

  • The technique allows patients to work with their dental provider and get great results with smile designing
  • The dentist will clearly visualize the mouth using innovative 3D modeling and high-tech imaging
  • 3D photos and videos of the mouth are taken with the help of an intraoral scanner which is then uploaded into the DSD software
  • The software helps capture accurate images at angles that will help produce a perfect visual representation of the final outcome
  • DSD is simple and easy to use, so any dentist can learn the skill and help patients get a perfect smile in a pain-free manner
  • DSD can be started or used on any PC or tablet or smartphone with basic presentation software as it’s quite affordable as well
  • So, smile makeover through DSD is so easy and simple that any dentist can do it or start it from today itself

The Process of Digital Smile Design

  • First of all, the data is imported into the software
  • After that, the dental provider will see the digital library of various shapes and forms to place them over the tops on the teeth in the image
  • This placement gives patients an idea of what to expect from the treatment
  • This placement also helps the dentist know about what to do to create a physical model using a dental lab
  • The lab uses images and videos to create a more realistic model including facial aesthetics of the patient and other key aspects
  • The patient will be involved in the entire process – from start to finish, and can convey to the dentist their wants and needs in regard to smile design
  • The patient will have the chance to approve the 3D model and mock-up images of what their smile looks like after the completion of the procedure
  • In some cases, the dentist may even place portions of the model in the mouth on a temporary basis to give a better idea of how the teeth and smile will look
  • Your approval will be needed by the provider to start the restoration process
  • The restoration may involve removal of any fragments or damaged teeth and placement of restore teeth as veneers and implants
  • The entire process will conclude with a polishing treatment so that your teeth look clean and shiny

Who Is the Right Candidate for Digital Smile Design?

  • DSD is for one and all who wants a beautiful smile without spending big and without going through the inconvenience of dental procedure
  • It’s for those patients who want to benefit from high-grade digital images and videos for designing their smile
  • The treatment is done only after the dentist has understood the link between the teeth, gums, and lips using the digital technology
  • It’s for anyone who wants the treatment at the hand of the best cosmetic dentist