Busting Myths About Bariatric Surgery

Even with an increasing number of people wanting to opt for weight loss surgery in Mumbai, many find themselves sceptical about it in light of certain myths surrounding bariatric surgery. Here, we try to set some facts straight.

1. Bariatric Surgery Is An Easy Fix

It’s a common misconception that surgery is the easiest way to weight loss and does not require any hard work. This is far from the truth. Bariatric surgery involves rigorous physical and mental health screening before a patient is cleared for it. Moreover, it requires the patient to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen as well.

2. All Surgery Involves Reducing Stomach Size

Actually, “stomach stapling” is only one of the types of bariatric surgeries. Weight loss surgery in Mumbai now also focuses on the intestine and gastric walls, reducing their size or inserting sleeves to reduce the absorption of excessive calories.

3. Obese people Are Lazy, Hence Opt For Surgery

People easily assume that obesity occurs as a result of laziness. Obesity, especially morbid obesity is a result of medical and hereditary issues which exists along with other comorbidities or medical problems. In such situations, bariatric surgery is not only a viable option but, may also be life-saving. Book an appointment with the best bariatric surgeon in Mumbai today and choose a healthier lifestyle.

4. Bariatric Surgery Is Extremely Risky

This might have been true years ago, but this statement holds little weight today. With a skilled team of doctors and proper post-operative care, a patient can soon begin to live a normal life.

5. Surgery Scar Will Require Plastic Surgery

With the advancement in technology and the invention of pinhole surgery, bariatric surgery no more leaves huge scars needing plastic surgery. Laparoscopy has not only made surgery easier, but it has also greatly reduced recovery time.

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